There will be Lies by Nick Lake

This Monday, Nick Lake will visit our Middle School book Club the Book Fanatics. Read an excerpt here. It is an awesome book. Very mysterious, sarcastic, human, and magical.

Shelby (spoiler alert) is Deaf. She lives with her overprotective mother who won’t let her near men AT ALL. She won’t even be able to go to college. But she slowly gets to know why her mother is so scared of men. It is a cover. When she meets Mark, the cover, the lies start to explode.

Check out a blog post he wrote about his inspiration for the book here.

Student book reviews

Specials by Scott Westerfield

by Naomi

Jumped off high buildings, taking extreme risks. Even jumped off a floating ice skating rink! Tally survived all of these things as a “pretty” and more. Now she’s a special. She has excellent vision, sharp sense and very strong.

Shay and Tally go on a whole new adventure trying to look the New Smoke, the hideout for “uglies” who refuse to turn into “pretties”.

Will they make it? Will they get caught? Read it!

(Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2007)

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Pretties by Scott Westerfield

by Naomi

Tally was an ugly, and as an ugly she has gone through so many things, boyfriend trouble, love, hate. But there’s so much more in store for her.¬†When an ugly becomes pretty, they get a disease that no one really knows about called “lesions.” Tally has to find a way to try to stop people fromsuffering and cure them with special pills. How will she do it? Will she betray her best friend again Shay once again? Is there a new boy for Tally?

(Simon & Schuster, Inc,, 2005)