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Now many people who live with HIV are undetectable, and therefore can’t transmit the disease, but are still living with shame and real fear of rejection despite their caution, their honesty. Meet three guys with three different statuses, whose lives intersect at an HIV clinic in Brazil…..and walk in their shoes for a while….and enter their world…..for fans of Raziel Reid’s jaw-dropping, unforgettable When Everything Feels like the Movies .

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YA author Patty Blount visits City-As-School

Author Patty Blount came to visit our school December 18th, 2015. She talked about what inspired her to write Some Boys, or as she put it what pissed her off so much. She got fed up at a 50-something year-old man getting 30 days in prison for raping a 14-year-old. She shared a lot of her thinking about what contributes to rape culture. Women’s feelings of shame and women’s bodies being treated as objects contribute, as does victim blaming and not believing people when they say they have been assaulted. Sexual assault occurs to 1 in 5 women and to 1 in 33 men.

We talked about Grace’s strength to confront all the harassment and humiliation at school when she does not retract her accusation that Zac, the captain of the lacrosse team raped her on a date. The book is told in two alternating points of view: Grace’s and Ian’s, Zac’s best friend. There are themes of truth and what constitutes the truth. We don’t really know who is telling the truth until the end, and then the evidence is irrefutable.

I think we can all be transformed by books….Reading Some Boys made us see how writing can help us heal. It helps us to organize all that messiness of life and put it behind us. One of the strongest messages I heard was to make more of an effort to believe our friends if they come to us and tell us they have been sexually assaulted, and support them, and not participate in behaviors that put unnecessary pressures on men to be masculine/sole providers and or on women to be trophies/objects/possessions to be had. Also to realize that if this has happened to us, it is not because we were “asking for it.” No. No one asks to be raped.

Thank you, Patty!

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Demon in my View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Jessica is 15. She has now written and published two books under the pen name or pseudonym Ash Night about the life of the powerful vampire of the Silver line, Aubrey.

When she gets to school, she meets Carlyn, who annoyingly wants to be her friend, and Alex, who each time she runs into him seems to be more and more like Aubrey. Could it really be him? Could fiction be true? Or is this guy just a crazy fan, messing with her mind? Witches who hunt and kill vampires will help her find out the truth of who she is. Meanwhile, the stories come to her and she writes them down…the suspenseful, romantic, and thrilling pace won’t let you out this book down!

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Year of the Beasts by Cecil Castelucci

Year of the beast

by Sara

Tess is not as beautiful as her sister Lulu and when Lulu starts going out with Tess’s own not-very-secret crush Charlie, her jealousy takes control. Just for spite, she starts hanging out with the not-so-popular kid, Jasper, who is actually pretty nice, but a loner. She just cannot see beyond the rage inside, not even enough to be nice to her new boyfriend. Comics are thrown in and tell the story of her becoming Medusa, for all her jealous acts like ruining Lulu’s cute new shoes, and a strange but alluring Minotaur trying to show her a new path. If she doesn’t either start to appreciate Jasper or give up her jealous feelings for Lulu, tragedy will come knocking on her door. Read it to find out just how it will unfold for lost, angry Tess. I recommend this to all girls and boys who are trying to find a way to be a good sibling or a good boyfriend/girlfriend. You know it just ain’t easy!

(Roaring Brook, 2012)

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Crash into Me by Albert Borris

by Marielle

Owen, a suicidal 17-year-old has tried to kill himself 6 times. He has befriended Jin-Ae on a suicidal website. Jin-Ae introduces Owen to Frank and Audrey. Frank is 18, Audrey is 17, and Jin-Ane confesses that she is only 15. They all meet up at a coffee shop. They have decided to go on a cross country trip, visiting all the famous suicide spots and ending their trip at death valley. But when people fall in love and secrets are told, it comes to whether they make their promise or break it. (Simon Pulse, 2009)

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The Fat Girl by Marilyn Sachs

by Marielle

Elein de Luca is known as the fat girl. Jeff is new in ceramics class and meets her. He is disgusted at first but then befriends her. Then he dumps his cute girlfriend for Elein. Then he starts to comment on every single thing she wears and does. She loses weight and his comments continue to increase. Then you begin to wonder, is Jeff helping her or controlling her?

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What my mother doesn’t know by Sonya Sones

by Chaqutia

Why do people fall in love with people they barely know? Would you kiss a guy that you never liked and made fun of?

Well Sophie ‘s a high schooler.
She keeps a lot of secrets from her mom.
Shes LOVES boys a lot.
She’s fallen in love so many times she’s probably confused.
She’s probably had about __ Lovers.
She used to make fun of this boy named Murphy but now all of a sudden has feelings for him. Read the book to find out what happens.

(Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, 2003)

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What my girlfriend doesn’t know by Sonya Sones

by Kira

Imagine being a boy who’s falling in love with a girl who finally started to like him after she broke up with her old boyfriend. Murphy enjoys writing a poem about each day in his interesting life with his new girlfriend, especially when they feel sparks when they kiss he’s never felt before.

Find out what he does everyday that’s so interesting in this page turner of a book!