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Our tech club and some special MS guests went to see Bjork and her team talk about their new app. It is a new kind of album. The album is like a galaxy of songs. Each one is a music-making app that explores one aspect of musicology, one concept in science, and one emotion. We are going to explore the app our next meeting and we will share more! Can’t wait til Tuesday! I really like one idea in Crystalline…..claustrophobic crystals! I never had thought about crystals growing! uUnder layers and layers of rock….that must be so strange. Bjork opens your eyes. 

Here are some quotes from our kids: “I can be unique like her.” – Kristine
“I really like Thuderbolt. It sounds cool when you go higher, the tempo is faster.” – Anika
“Biophilia is an app she [Bjork] created connecting all the songs she made. It connects to electronics, music, lyrics, names…I learned the way we were able to make the sounds using your hands. I thought that was cool.” – Kevin