Keyboarding Competition

For the next 6 weeks, grades 3-5 and grades 6-8 will be practicing keyboarding. We will be using Dance Mat Typing for our course and Nitrotype to race and check our words per minute each week. We will also bring in work to type up and test how much we can type in 30 minutes. Go to the Thingink for all the links.

At the last session of each week, I am asking grades 3-5 to take this survey to record each student’s progress:



Free keyboarding websites for grades 2-8

This month in library grades 2-8 are learning keyboarding. There are many free online keyboarding practice sites.

Dance Mat Typing: We are using this with grades 2-4. This is a fun site to teach correct keyboarding technique so your child can become an efficient typist.

Learn to Type: We are using this in the library for grades 5-8. Each student has an account and can work ahead at home.

Typing speed test: For grades 5-8, take the typing speed test often! Make sure your child is using all ten fingers.

I hope that at home you will practice keyboarding with these fun sites. Next year one of the tests will be completed on the computer. We want your child to have the keyboarding skills to succeed.