Student book reviews

Beige by Cecil Castellucci

by Lisa

Beige is a terrific book. It’s inspiring for all those people who are say they’re the pure, hardcore rockers. If you enjoy rock music you’ll enjoy this book.

Beige is about a Canadian French girl named Katy, from Montreal who gets sent to her father in Los Angeles. She starts to realize how her dad is and how he lives. She dreads having to be so far from her Mom. Later on in the book she notices how Hollywood life is and all the hardships about finding out the truth about herself.

Katy learns that her father is the weirdest dad on the planet. She even learns that her departure from her mother is actually bringing her closer to her father. Katy makes friends but also gets to experience love.

Beige is a book that is not all about love, it’s about discovering the little stuff inside you. It shows the tough side of Hollywood.