Student book reviews

Shaman King by Hyroyuki Takei

by Justin

Yoh is a young teen that loves to hang out at the cemetery. He meets a boy called Manta. He sees him walks up to him only to see him surrounded by ghosts. He runs only to run into the scariest gang in town. Who knows what will happen to Manta? Will what he thinks is imagination kill him or will the hard-core gang kill him.? Who knows what will happen? Read to find out! Who knows what will happen…

(Tokyo Pop, 2003)

Student book reviews

Kristy’s Big Idea by Raina Telgemeier

by Gabriella
Do you like to baby-sit? Because I do. I came up with a great idea to baby-sit.

My friends, Claudia, Mary Anne, and Stacy all agreed to do it. This plan worked out perfectly. First we put up the flyers around our neighborhood and people that we already knew called us in the beginning. Now would baby-sitting their kids be alright? Read the book to find out how the baby-sitting is going.