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CAS READS Sula by Toni Morrison

Sometimes a book comes at you from all directions. This one certainly has some cosmic power to move across shelves and change people’s lives. If you ever had a best friend when you were young, or if you have survived violence in your immediate family, this book speaks.

Sula is a pariah, seen as evil, but is she?

Nel is a good girl.

Both were raised by outcasts, but with different approaches to life.

They are lifeblood friends. Until. Men.

And the men in the book? Set in the early and mid 20th century, in a southern mountain town, racism rife, what is truly holding the men down, and carrying them away?

This is a book that fills you with spiritual questions. Not easily resolved and never forgotten. We will discuss it on November 28th!

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Push Out by Monique M. Morris

“Why do adults get mad when strong girls ask questions? “They say I’m disrespectful. That’s my label, disrespectful, ‘cause I always got something to say…..[They keep] telling me, ‘Sometimes you got to bite your tongue.’…I don’t know how to do that, though.”

Read about Monique Morris’ work to seek justice for criminalized Black girls. She argues that Black girls use their voices to resist, and that tool for survival should not be silenced, but rather cultivated and prized.