“the eARTh without art is just eh.” Jean-Michel Basquiat, CAS alumnus

No Earth without Art, the CAS lit/art/culture magazine, is calling for submissions:

To document the apocalypse.

To  imagine a future that takes into consideration the needs of our planet, our collective selves.

Apocalypse is not in the future. It is a current condition…there will be abundance so long as we can imagine it.” —adrienne maree brown

Send submissions to lissa@cityas.org or marcus@cityas.org by May 31, 2020.


New desk!!

by Amber S


Used to have a chair,

and a wood table.

Class, full of kids. 


Now I got

my full size bed

All to myself: 

image credit: Samantha A

Black sheets 

Gray blanket 


Laptop on my lap

Pencil inside my book

Thoughts, all in my head.