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Calling all YouTubers: Playlists are a kind of online binge watching. Perhaps. 


Crafters/Fashion designers

Sushma is so clear in her handiwork and you learn so much in so little time!


Indiashastra knows how to augment reading into true learning. I appreciate the very old school humor also.


Forget Youtube. Reading sentences will help you in writing sentences. So let’s get deep but basic with a pencil paper and you.

Our mantra, don’t give up on books!! 

“reading is not optional.” — walter dean myers

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Writing Fairy Tales with K-2

Creating fairy tales with 1st graders

After reading and discussing fairy tales, StoryWorld cards give students an array of characters, settings, and magical elements to expand the possibilities of their fairy tales.

Here is how I used Storyworld cards to inspire kids to “tell” fairytales:
1. Pick your favorite versions of fairy tales. After reading, discuss the flow of the story:
Characters & setting: How does the storyteller set the scene, or introduce the characters and the setting.
Problem: What difficulties arise? What problem do the main characters run into?
Solution: how do the characters solve the problem? Does some kind of magic help them or do they use their cleverness and bravery and do it themselves?
Conclusion: In all fairy tales, no matter how horrible the conflict,or how numerous the problems, the main characters always overcome them.

2. Divide StoryWorld cards into three piles: character cards, magical element cards, and setting cards. Divide each pile between the groups. An adult should be assigned to each group so group according to how many adults you have.

3. Have small groups dictate their stories with the use of the cards. The adult records.

4. Type the stories, divvying up the text into pages, and give to the art teacher, keeping a copy for yourself.

5. On the iPad (I use Book Creator), or in Garageband on the computer, have same students read aloud the story page by page, creating a different audio track for each page.

Meanwhile…In art class, they can create the illustrations in an handmade book using whatever medium they are studying in art.

6. On the iPad, take photos of the illustrations. You will crop later, so don’t worry about the photos being perfect.

7. Open each photo, enhance and crop.

8. Open Book Creator and create a new book. Add the first picture. Add a text box and type in the words for the first page. You can create a background color to the text or leave it to bleed onto the illustration. Do the same for each page.

9. When you finish, Send to iBookShelf or save as a PDF and upload it to the Internet.

With Storyworld cards, their stories are full of wild adventures, like the best fairy tales–taking us through the darkness to the light!

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Book reviews on Destiny, our Library Homepage

End of the Year is Near Activity: Bringing the Library into Classroom
We have a powerful online catalog! Your students can add reviews to the catalog and share their favorite books with our school. Why? To promote reading among peers…Below is one that Alicia in 4th grade wrote.

Here is how:
1. Log in as PS347 teacher. Password and username is ps347teacher
2. Go to the catalog and search for the TITLE they want to review.
3. Once at the title, click on the tab “Reviews”.
4. Click on “Add review”.

5. Once on the reviews page, use the stars to rate the book and the comment box to add comments.
6. Book reviews include two parts: a short summary of what happens and why you liked the book, or didn’t like it.
7. Add first name only for the display name, and any pix from the computer as a profile picture (I don’t know why they require it but it is an important skill…..)
8. At your next teacher login, a little red flag will appear so you can approve or edit the reviews!