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Winter News

I want to thank Mitchell Grushkin for donating $50.00 to the library out of his Teacher’s Choice money! What a great idea!

Learning at Lunch continues this year, thanks to Celeste for planting the seed! Mike, Gary, Lauren, Ciera, Danielle, Cheritha, Dave and I are all gearing up to share how we integrate technology and digital information into our teaching and communication.

2/3 will feature using video in the classroom: Ciera showing us Brainpop and Sara showing us Safari Montage. Come and you will start using video everyday to motivate good discussions and captivate your audience.

Please enjoy the Middle School’s booktalks on the library homepage at

Also–need a scanner? Room 310 set up the scanner just at the door and welcome (with a smile too, I am sure) you all to come use it. There is a document feed scanner in the library, tucked away now at Sara’s desk. That too you are welcome to use!