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About me poem movies by 1st graders

Michelle Mayhood and I collaborated on this project. 1st graders wrote an acrostic poem based on their name in the classroom, as a part of writing closely tied to word work. Then in the library media center, they illustrated the words with MS Paint and typed them using “titles” on Windows Movie Maker. They sequenced them (matching pictures to words) using WMM, and I simply saved them as movies and gave them each a CD with their and their classmates’ movies on them. Here is Luisana’s movie. Here is Tony’s movie. Here is Keshawne’s movie. Here is Meikel’s movie.

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Michelle illustrates Snow White

In the following sequence of posts, 2nd grade students of teachers Cindy Gabel and Cindy Ahlers evaluated illustrations in picture books. In the library media center, using bins of wonderfully illustrated books, we identified the medium the illustrator used and how well the pictures and the words worked together to tell the story. Then we moved to the art room and I told two different versions of Snow White. They got to pick two types of media (pastels, pen and ink, watercolors, or tempera paint) to illustrate a scene from the story. They completed a T-chart to reflect on which of the two mediums they enjoyed using the best.