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The Skin I’m In by Sharon Flake

Maleeka is poor. Her mom sews to deal with the pain of losing her husband, Maleeka’s dad, but Maleeka can’t wear those hand sewn clothes to school. Sweet already teases her so much about her deep dark skin. So she borrows fancy clothes from Char, who has a lot of issues and bullies everyone around her. Then Miss Saunders shows up with her unique skin, her strong attitude, and changes the tone. She see Maleeka and, though caught in the middle of trying to be true to herself and following along doing what Char says, Maleeka will never be the same.

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Everything Feels like the Movies by Raziel Reid

Life is just happening for transgender high school kid Jude who self-narrates the latest drama as if it were a movie and she was the star….sounds under control? Read the gripping, harrowing descriptions of
how this strong-willed, brazen protagonist is able to get through horrific brutality hurled at her because of her sexual orientation and gender choice. MUST read–controversial, but powerful. In its fifth printing in one year.

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Toondoo web comics on bullying

6th and 7th graders analyzed bullying episodes in literature looking for reasons why people bully other people and the coping strategies used by victims. They read articles printed out from online databases and identified 3 facts, 2 opinions, and asked 1 question. Then they created their own bullying scenarios using Toondoo. We had some problems with saving them: accounts were permeable and some students’ comics showed up saved on another’s account, and others lost them even though they saved them correctly. I wish I had an answer for these technical problems.

Here are some examples. Click on them to read: