in quarantine? what are you reading?

i am midway through “when we make it” by brooklyn born boricua and amazing poet-author ELISABET VELASQUEZ. this book is so truthful that it makes you realize how unseen our lives can be sometimes. it follows two sisters in bushwick in the 1980s-90s (?), growing up, and making things work with their mother, their hopes, their faith (and doubts), their day-to-day, apt-to-apt life seeing as much of what to do as what NOT to fall into. readers witness underreported loyalties and beauty, as well as the difficulties navigating poverty. i hope you can borrow it in person. here are some knock-out lines:

The people in the streets / have their own story to tell.

& I’m writing my own story / so I can remember it accurately.

in case someone else / tries to tell it for me.”

page 52

Professional Spanish is fake friendly. / Is a warning.

Is a downpour when you / just spent your last $20 on a wash and set.

Is the kind of Spanish that comes / to take things away from you.”

page 145
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SORA–Online Reading for Free

This Book is Antiracist is our Whole School “Drop Everything and Read” selection for 2020-21

Read it or listen to it on SORA – Our school and public library online reading platform

Step-by-Step log in directions:

  1. Find my School: “NYC Department of Education”
  2. Log in: Use your DOE email username/password (set it up here with your OSIS #)
  1. Add a library: Link your NYPL BPL QPL library accounts to access more on SORA.
  1. To learn more: Watch this 2-min TUTORIAL

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Lift Every Voice Nationwide Celebration of 250 years of African-American Poetry


I am going to read Oak & Ivy by Paul Laurence Dunbar. What about you?

Read a Black poet online at Sora and MackinVIA.

To log in, set up your Dept of Ed email & log in w/those credentials

Set up your NYPL BPL QPL library accounts to access more on SORA.

Questions? Support? 

Email your school librarian Lissa at lissa@cityas.org