in quarantine? what are you reading?

i am midway through “when we make it” by brooklyn born boricua and amazing poet-author ELISABET VELASQUEZ. this book is so truthful that it makes you realize how unseen our lives can be sometimes. it follows two sisters in bushwick in the 1980s-90s (?), growing up, and making things work with their mother, their hopes, their faith (and doubts), their day-to-day, apt-to-apt life seeing as much of what to do as what NOT to fall into. readers witness underreported loyalties and beauty, as well as the difficulties navigating poverty. i hope you can borrow it in person. here are some knock-out lines:

The people in the streets / have their own story to tell.

& I’m writing my own story / so I can remember it accurately.

in case someone else / tries to tell it for me.”

page 52

Professional Spanish is fake friendly. / Is a warning.

Is a downpour when you / just spent your last $20 on a wash and set.

Is the kind of Spanish that comes / to take things away from you.”

page 145
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SORA–Online Reading for Free

This Book is Antiracist is our Whole School “Drop Everything and Read” selection for 2020-21

Read it or listen to it on SORA – Our school and public library online reading platform

Step-by-Step log in directions:

  1. Find my School: “NYC Department of Education”
  2. Log in: Use your DOE email username/password (set it up here with your OSIS #)
  1. Add a library: Link your NYPL BPL QPL library accounts to access more on SORA.
  1. To learn more: Watch this 2-min TUTORIAL

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Lift Every Voice Nationwide Celebration of 250 years of African-American Poetry


I am going to read Oak & Ivy by Paul Laurence Dunbar. What about you?

Read a Black poet online at Sora and MackinVIA.

To log in, set up your Dept of Ed email & log in w/those credentials

Set up your NYPL BPL QPL library accounts to access more on SORA.

Questions? Support? 

Email your school librarian Lissa at lissa@cityas.org

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February Break Reading Challenge: Read or listen to a book on a FREE platform

MACKINVIA – our free CAS audiobook platform (& ebooks!)

Select City As School

Log in WITH DOE email username/password (find easily here with your OSIS #):

SORA–Our public library platform

WITH DOE email username/password (find easily here with your OSIS #):

What I’m reading:

2021 Youth Media award winner, excellent and realistic story about going to college and working out your life as Nigerian immigrant.


Noteworthy events at our library and New York City’s public library!

City-As Students and staff are eligible for FREE digital delivery of The New York Times.
Please email lissa@cityas.org using your cityas email with subject heading ADD ME.

No Earth without Art, the CAS lit/art/culture mag, is calling for submissions of photos, poems, stories, artwork, songs. Get published!
Send submissions to lissa@cityas.org by Jan 31, 2021. Staff entries are welcome also: docs, jpegs, mp3s & mp4s are all accepted. Teachers can nominate student work with student permission.
Virtual Book Clubs & EVENTS:

NYPL and WNYC’s Virtual Book Club
Oprah’s Book Club
Andrew Luck’s Book Club
Queens Public Library Virtual Teen Programs
Brooklyn Public Library Virtual Teen Book Club
Brooklyn Public Library’s Night of Ideas
Black Health and Healing Virtual Summit–Queens Public Library