author of the month, YA lit

Paul Volponi

by Jerrell M.

“I’m satisfied that I can channel what I’ve experienced and what I feel into books for young adults.” – Paul Volponi“I hear constantly kids and teachers saying, ‘So-and-so doesn’t read. He picked up your book. He read it from cover to cover. Now he’s reading your other books and he’s thinking about writing something himself that he’s seeing.” – Paul Volponi


Paul Volponi is writer, teacher, and journalist living in New York City. He have taught in Rikers Island which is located in Queens, New York with incarcerated teens from 1992-1998. However when he left Rikers he taught teens in a drug treatment program. That’s where he got his explicit ability to write about urban teens in tough times. Volponi is a writer that will catch teen’s attention who don’t like to read because the story that he tells is relatable and they will make connections. I say that readers will make connections because in his books there were a lot of text-to-self in Rikers High and also text-to-world in Hurricane Song. Rikers High will get kids attention because it’s about a 17 year old kid named Martin who went to jail for telling someone where to get drugs from and while was he in jail he got slashed on his face trying to help a friend. Hurricane Song is about a kid named Miles who moved to New Orleans with his father that he didn’t like and Hurricane Katrina came and destroyed everything. Then it started to gang beef and a lot of shootings because they wanted to take over the little bit of land that was left after the hurricane. I personally like Volponi because I connect myself to the book Rikers High and I have never even been to jail before but the story sounds so real I feel like I have been. I will tell all teens to read Rikers High because that’s one of the best book I read and was actually interested in.

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