Deaf actress Alexandria Wailes

Alexandra Wailes visits PS 347

Alexandra Wailes visits PS 347

Alexandria Wailes came to visit our Deaf students. She told us about growing up in a huge family, the only Deaf child. She went to a Deaf high school, but decided to go to a college where she was the only or one of very few Deaf students. Why? She wanted to dance and there was a good dance program there. She made a choice. She said it was VERY difficult at first, and she felt lonely, but she had a goal to learn how to dance. She practiced and practiced.

She talked about musicality. Not everyone has a sense of music. It has nothing to do whether or not you are Deaf. It is about being able to feel music. She feels music through vibrations. Being Deaf doesn’t mean you don’t understand music and rhythm and dance. She is a witness to that.

She inspired our students to learn ASL, to embrace their language, to communicate, and to set a goal and work hard to make it a reality.

We were thankful to have her visit

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