Civil War Research – Great Directory

Burying the dead at Fredericksburg, Va., after the Wilderness Campaign, May 1864. Photographed by Timothy H. O’Sullivan. 111-B-4817.

Dear 7th graders,

A directory is a list of helpful sites. Here is a great list of sites to find historical photos to strengthen your arguments about the Civil War. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Choose pictures that are going to convince your audience of your claim. Remember to cite the sources of your pictures as well as your facts. Have fun!


Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

A boy and a baby sister lose their Dad and their Mom didn’t know either where he is. Years later, the baby and he fell into a hole and meet a four-foot-tall, backwards talking roach. On the boy’s way back to Overland, he encounters a shocking secret about his Dad. This book is definitely fantasy. If you are someone who enjoys mystery and fantasy books, I recommend this book.

– Emmanuel, age 12