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New York City 1609 and 1755

NYC in 1609: Amazing project called Welikia–recreating what Manhattan looked like as a habitat in 1609 and related National Geographic article and interactive map.

Great article on using primary sources with all grade levels

NYC in 1755

List of questions about the 1755 Plan of the City of New York

What is a map?
What dates are on the map?
What places does it show?
What on the map looks unfamiliar?
What is the scale of the map?
Is the name of the mapmaker on the map?
Is there a title on the map?
Describe the legend of the map. What was important to the colonists?
For what reason was this map created? What evidence do we have for that?
Who do you think was the audience for this map?
How does it compare with current maps of this place?
What does this map tell you about the people who lived there?


My Dream Vacation

Pick a country you would love to visit on National Geographic for Kids: Countries. Write a paragraph about why you would love to go there. Tell your reader which continent it is located in and whether it is in the northern, southern, western, or eastern part of the continent (use the map tab). Name at least one place (city or landmark) you would like to visit, and one other fact about the country.

Here is an example:

My dream vacation to Ireland

I would love to go to Ireland. Ireland is a country in Western Europe. I want to go there because it has “lush green fields.” I especially want to go to the Cliffs of Moher. Ireland is known for its storytellers and music. I like stories and music so I think it would be an interesting place to visit. One day, I will go to Ireland hear some old sea shanties on the green Cliffs of Moher!