Digital Publishing, Notetaking, and Annotating on the iPad 2

I am going to give a short hands-on demo of ways to use the iPad to publish digitally, take notes, and annotate PDF graphic organizers tomorrow at the NYCDOE School Library Services Fall conference.

How to do it all in 50 minutes?

Demo marking up an IFC PDF in neu.annotate (5 min)
Demo giving feedback for student notes in Evernote (5 min)

Hands-on practice using Evernote – how to create and edit a note and invite people to share (15 min)

Demo Scribble Press for taking notes & publishing digitally & show flipsnack (5 min)

Hands-on practice using Scribble Press: each page a category/research question (15 min)

Questions & Applications on these and on iBooks Author (5 min)

So the goal is to have folks using the iPads for 30 minutes–more than half the time of the presentation!


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