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Year of the Beasts by Cecil Castelucci

Year of the beast

by Sara

Tess is not as beautiful as her sister Lulu and when Lulu starts going out with Tess’s own not-very-secret crush Charlie, her jealousy takes control. Just for spite, she starts hanging out with the not-so-popular kid, Jasper, who is actually pretty nice, but a loner. She just cannot see beyond the rage inside, not even enough to be nice to her new boyfriend. Comics are thrown in and tell the story of her becoming Medusa, for all her jealous acts like ruining Lulu’s cute new shoes, and a strange but alluring Minotaur trying to show her a new path. If she doesn’t either start to appreciate Jasper or give up her jealous feelings for Lulu, tragedy will come knocking on her door. Read it to find out just how it will unfold for lost, angry Tess. I recommend this to all girls and boys who are trying to find a way to be a good sibling or a good boyfriend/girlfriend. You know it just ain’t easy!

(Roaring Brook, 2012)

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A Tale, Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz

A Tale Dark and Grimm
by Juliana
Hazel and Gretel. They are both brother and sister. That are both brave, strong little kids. They have a problem. They ran away from home to find the right parents because their parents tried to kill them. And if they don’t find the perfect parents then they need to go back to their real parents and maybe their real parents will kill them if they come back. They both go though a lot of problems but they get though it OK. I could recommend this book because if you’re a person that likes bloody things, funny, tales, and fiction, then “A Tale Dark and Grimm” is the perfect book for YOU!!!!!!

(Dutton Books, 2010)

Student book reviews

Ghoulish Graphic Tales by R. L. Stine

3 Ghoulish Tales
by Ruby
Grady lives in Florida with his one sister, Emily, and his parents. He is curious and brave and tries to prove himself right. There is a werewolf on the loose. When Grady tries to figure out if the dog he found is a killer dog, just like a werewolf. If Grady doesn’t find out who it is, the werewolf will keep biting people. I would recommend this book to a reader who likes mystery and horror.
(Scholastic, 2006)