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47 Book Club pick – Drive By by Lynne Ewing

Drive by is a story of JImmy, a teenager whose death revealed a double life. He was against gangs, never told his family, but when he was shot, the truth came out. Jimmy is complex character–one that has good intentions, but goes about obtaining his goals by breaking the law. If you think you live in a bad neighborhood, just read about this one. What would you do if you were the oldest son and had to support your family? Would you follow Jimmy’s footsteps or Tito’s? Read this book and see how hard life can really be if you are a young man. We all felt for Tito and his little sister Mina. Read this and walk a mile in their shoes.

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Picture books apps on the iPad for Pre-K

Inspired by my having to review The Numberlys, I tested it out with our PK audience, a group of wonderfully bright 4 year olds, both Deaf and hearing. They loved it. They clapped and cried out in glee when they “made” a letter.

It was a delight! Nothing less. A delight! They were so conscious of the fact that they forged the letters themselves. It was amazing to watch.

Photos? Yes!


Peter Stories

This year the 1st grade and Kindergarten wrote Peter stories. Stories about Ezra Jack Keat’s beloved character of The Snowy Day, Goggles, Peter’s Chair, A Letter to Amy, and Pet Show, although that story features his friend Archie more.

Anyway, they created collages, inspired by Ezra Jack Keats, and well, wrote the story. I am in the process of making it an ebook on Composer.

Will post it when it is ready!


Javaka Steptoe visit

Javaka Steptoe talked to our 3-5th grade students about Jimi Hendrix, creating collages out of many materials, and patiently answered all their questions about his work and the subjects of his work. He explained Jimi Hendrix’ childhood pains and how they probably affected his life, and his death.

Talking about The Jones Family Express, he conveyed the joy felt in the Brooklyn community, how each individual had his or her own special way about them, and how the young protagonist got ideas and assistance from folks to make something special for Aunt Carolyn.

Deeply respectful, our students walked away with a sense of how art transforms life into a song. He was a generous guest and got everyone laughing, feeling, and thinking.