Student book reviews

Die softly by Christopher Pike

by Naomi

Watch the animoto book trailer.

If you like the kind of books that have a lot of drama, well this is the book for you. Everyone thinks that Alexa is this hot cheerleader who is so nice. Well, they thought wrong. Alexa betrays all of her friends, by killing them. Does she kill Herb, the boy who adores her looks and her personality? Or does she kill her boyfriend and all the other people who love her?

This book has so much betrayal and mystery. The book screams out, “Keep your friends close, but your your enemies closer.” Anyone who reads this book will be instantly in the book…in their own world. It will also leave you thinking about of a lot of questions like, Are there any more people in that book that despise each other enough to kill?
Does Alexa get away with it? How does Herb die? Read it to find out. (Pocket Books, 1991)

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