Student book reviews

How I found the strong by Margaret McMullan

by Maria

In 1861, a boy named Frank aka Shanks Russel is from the south of USA in Mississippi. There was a war between the South and the North. Frank wants to join the war along with his older brother and his father but he’s too young to go to the war. So Frank stays behind with his mother, grandmother and grandfather while his brother and father are gone.

During the war, Frank learns about his coming of age and there are other “wars” he has to fight.
He has to fight the winter, finding food and water to survive, and more.

Through these 4 years of the Civil war, does he learn how to become a man?

by Leslie
How in the world would you feel if your father was dying & told you to let him die.

Would you try to save him? That what Frank did during the Civil War.

This story is about Frank, a slave. The family are slaves & help his mother and baby sister.

The funny part is first time he has a girlfriend! I love this book because you never see it in a book a boy becoming a man to help his dad. =)

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