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Parent – Child Reading at Home

This year after getting the idea from the Reggio Emilio Conference at the Eric Carle Museum, I decided to send home a reading response exercise for Kindergarten and 1st grade students and their caregivers. I collected and displayed them in a binder for the first couple of months of school.

The objective was to assess parents and caregivers involvement in reading with their children, and students’ ability to retell, analyze, and evaluate what they read. It gave us insight to the literary environment of the home in hopes that we could encourage all to read more and have some bit of information about what was happening already and what could be improved. The last two examples were completed with a family member, the first one was not. The answers are merely bits of text lifted from the book.

I gave certificates to students who returned all the work done in a collaboration with family members. I gave a summary of data to the teachers. Hope to build on this next year.

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