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Book reviews on Destiny, our Library Homepage

End of the Year is Near Activity: Bringing the Library into Classroom
We have a powerful online catalog! Your students can add reviews to the catalog and share their favorite books with our school. Why? To promote reading among peers…Below is one that Alicia in 4th grade wrote.

Here is how:
1. Log in as PS347 teacher. Password and username is ps347teacher
2. Go to the catalog and search for the TITLE they want to review.
3. Once at the title, click on the tab “Reviews”.
4. Click on “Add review”.

5. Once on the reviews page, use the stars to rate the book and the comment box to add comments.
6. Book reviews include two parts: a short summary of what happens and why you liked the book, or didn’t like it.
7. Add first name only for the display name, and any pix from the computer as a profile picture (I don’t know why they require it but it is an important skill…..)
8. At your next teacher login, a little red flag will appear so you can approve or edit the reviews!

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