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Tree Planting in our Hallways

Tree Planting to celebrate Earth Day and Poetry Month!

Please create a poem tree for our city-like hallways…..How to do it? Have your classroom write or collect poems (they will be the leaves). Come to the art room and create a truck and branches and leaves from colored papers…..and paint if you wish…….then “plant your tree in the hallway on the 2nd floor so we can create a forest of poetry in our midst.

If you only have a stack of poems, give them to Sara and she will have volunteers to create the tree. Thanks to Steve as we brainstormed this idea together! Happy Earth Day!

Here are some of the trees:


Technology in the Classroom Demos by Mike, Dan, Jason, Cheritha, Michelle and Sara

Come see how your colleagues used technology in their classroom to enhance and motivate learning!

They will demonstrate how they did their projects
followed by a Q & A in the Library Media Center.
Bring in your lunch. All sessions will begin PROMPTLY at 12:00pm. Interpreters will be provided.

May 7 Mike – Kids blogging about books (Mac/PC)
May 14 Dan M. – Kids using Garageband to add soundtracks to commercials (Mac)
May 21 Jason – Teaching kids iMovie and Quicktime (Mac)
May 28 Cheritha/Michelle/Sara – Kids combine text and pictures using MS Paint & Movie Maker (PC)

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Book reviews on Destiny, our Library Homepage

End of the Year is Near Activity: Bringing the Library into Classroom
We have a powerful online catalog! Your students can add reviews to the catalog and share their favorite books with our school. Why? To promote reading among peers…Below is one that Alicia in 4th grade wrote.

Here is how:
1. Log in as PS347 teacher. Password and username is ps347teacher
2. Go to the catalog and search for the TITLE they want to review.
3. Once at the title, click on the tab “Reviews”.
4. Click on “Add review”.

5. Once on the reviews page, use the stars to rate the book and the comment box to add comments.
6. Book reviews include two parts: a short summary of what happens and why you liked the book, or didn’t like it.
7. Add first name only for the display name, and any pix from the computer as a profile picture (I don’t know why they require it but it is an important skill…..)
8. At your next teacher login, a little red flag will appear so you can approve or edit the reviews!


2nd Floor Printers

201 prints to Cheritha’s
207 prints to Cheritha’s
ASL lab prints to Cheritha’s
209 prints to Cheritha’s

212’s printer is working–thanks to our Help Desk technician Val.
If you are on that hallway, please ask Steve if you need your computer to print to it. He know how to get the computers linked to the printer in his room.


Help Desk info

Do you have broken equipment?

Have you had someone who is tech savvy have a look?

You can ask Dave, Sara, Jason, Steve, Irene, Cheritha…

Next step is to submit a Help Desk request. All you need is your DOE email user name. That is your magic ID. If you do not have one, let Sara know at

Here is the direct link. It is also found on the Library Homepage under DOE links.

classroom_library ordering

Books for your Classroom

There is about $1000 in the budget for classroom library books.

Do you need any books for your classroom?

Any level that is not represented?
Any author you want to study next year?
Any books you need for instruction?
Any favorites that you identified this year?

The Deadline is Wednesday, April 8th.
Please give your FAMIS orders to Angie ASAP.
First come first serve.
This is the link to the Library Homepage. The ShopDOE is under the heading “DOE sites.” Or click directly onto the
FAMIS portal

Create your shopping cart and print out for Angie.