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Jobs kids want: Movies by 2nd and 3rd graders

We had a couple of writing steps to get this underway. First the students picked their dream job and wrote three reasons why they wanted to be that. Then came the steps. Celeste Hickman had the idea to create a visual: a ladder to use as a graphic organizer so they wrote the steps they needed to make in order to get that job. I worked with Celeste and Michael Nappi.

Here are Janel’s movie and Ryan’s movie.

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Toondoo web comics on bullying

6th and 7th graders analyzed bullying episodes in literature looking for reasons why people bully other people and the coping strategies used by victims. They read articles printed out from online databases and identified 3 facts, 2 opinions, and asked 1 question. Then they created their own bullying scenarios using Toondoo. We had some problems with saving them: accounts were permeable and some students’ comics showed up saved on another’s account, and others lost them even though they saved them correctly. I wish I had an answer for these technical problems.

Here are some examples. Click on them to read:

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About me poem movies by 1st graders

Michelle Mayhood and I collaborated on this project. 1st graders wrote an acrostic poem based on their name in the classroom, as a part of writing closely tied to word work. Then in the library media center, they illustrated the words with MS Paint and typed them using “titles” on Windows Movie Maker. They sequenced them (matching pictures to words) using WMM, and I simply saved them as movies and gave them each a CD with their and their classmates’ movies on them. Here is Luisana’s movie. Here is Tony’s movie. Here is Keshawne’s movie. Here is Meikel’s movie.