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  1. This is the first book in the series about kids who stick together when they meet aliens.Susan and Peter uncover the mask of an alien disguised as a teacher, and they rescue the real teacher! Some parts are a little scary, but YOU won’t be afraid. There’s humor, too, and even a surprise twist at the end!

  2. This book is a page turner! The title tells all–He really is an alien. The kids go beserk and you really don’t know how Susan is going to get any grown-up to really help her uncover the teacher’s true identity.. The ending is a little sad, but luckily it is a series. I can’t wait to read the next one!

  3. I like this book it is funny and two kids already know that thier teacher IS AN Alien and they are realley freaked out its a great book.I love it and if you like aliens this book is for you and thier teacher the alien is realley ugly. I think evreybody should read this book.I love to read my teacher is an alien books this is realley a great book for evreybody to read and I realley like this book and no bodyeles will discover the true identity of thier teacher this is realley a great book.

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