6 thoughts on “The Million Dollar Shot by Dan Gutman”

  1. Dan Gutman is an amazing writer!!He can say so much with so few words.The two friends Annie and Eddy have hard lives, but they aren’t mean, and they’re not mad at the world. They help out their parents who need a bunch of help, and luck has it that they are a natural born team and ready to do something right for a change.They are so cool.Will he make the shot? Or will she?Gutman will keep you guessing…there is an evil guy who wants to ruin it all for them!!

  2. Such a “Can’t stop reading this!” kind of book this is! Eddie goes through a lot before he can take that $1,000,000 shot and he must get a perfect free throw; no mistakes or second chances. Eddie’s friend Annie writes poetry and she helps him a lot. Her dad helps Eddie, too. But Eddie’s mom loses her job, and two of his friends don’t like him anymore.Eddie does a lot of grown-up thinking in this book so even though it’s got funny parts, there’s some parts that make you think more, too.

  3. All about The moillion doller shotThe boy name was Eddie . He was going to make the moillion shot .This man name Mr . THink He was a evil man in the story .He did not want Eddie to make the moillion doller shot . If he made the moillin doller shot . If I was Eddie . Annie was Eddie friend.She did not have hair.She wanted to Eddie to make the moillon shot . I wanted Eddie to make the moillion dollor shot. The End

  4. i love that book so much it is about a boy name Eddie is going to New York to get the money and he is going to New York with his best friend Annie with her dad and Eddie’s mom.

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