2 thoughts on “The Hoboken Chicken Emergency by Daniel Pinkwater”

  1. The people of Hoboken, N.J. are being terrorized by a 266 pound chicken. Everyone has locked themselves and their children in their homes. There have been nightly sightings of the chicken. The citizens want to know when the streets of Hoboken will be safe once more?

  2. What a chicken! Humongous, colossal, gigantic, enormous! How can you have it for a pet? Is it true the chicken was supposed to be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner?If you like to smile, and your imagination is strong, you will enjoy laughing as you read this book. You might never look at a chicken again unless you think of this chicken!As for the Hoboken Chciken, that is sure a smart bird! It avoids getting caught or being on someone’s Thanksgiving meal!

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